It is a very common problem that you need a filesystem that is synced between several computers and stays available, even if some servers are down. Here is a nice overview of those filesystems is one of those filesystems.


On each server:

apt install glusterfs-server
systemctl start glusterd
systemctl status glusterd

On any server probe all the other servers

gluster peer probe
gluster peer probe

Plus one server also needs to add to first one

gluster peer probe

This lists all the servers but yourself

gluster peer status

This lists all the server

gluster pool list

Create a volume, list all the servers and where on the server the data should be stored

gluster volume create my-glusterfsvolume replica 3 \ \ \
gluster volume start my-glusterfsvolume

Mount a volume (this is a stupid way as it only works when this server is online while you mount)

mount -t glusterfs /mnt/my_gulsterfs_test/ -o