Azure (Microsoft)

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Functions (Like AWS lambda)

Quickstart Function that response to HTTP request

developing Azure Functions using Java

Your first Java based Lamda

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeArtifactId=azure-functions-archetype

(I had to clean my ~/.m2 folder before that or it would return me a super outdated version)

It will already have a Function that responds to web requests with a default response

Try to run it locally

mvn clean package
mvn azure-functions:run

And it will tell you the URL you need to use to test it.

Http Functions:
HttpExample: [GET,POST] http://localhost:7071/api/HttpExample

For me it was http://localhost:7071/api/HttpExample?name=Thorsten

You can import this into Eclipse via Import existing Maven project.

In order to be able to deploy you need to do

mvn install package azure-functions:deploy

If you get this

Failed to authenticate with Azure. Please check your configuration

You need to do

az login

Azure Functions Core Tools

(FIXME I do not know I you really need this for Java development) Install the Azure Core Tools. If you get this error:

Err:9 focal Release

Install it like this

sudo apt-get install azure-functions-core-tools-3

Azure CLI

Install Azure CLI, basically add sources list, and

sudo apt-get install azure-cli

Cosmos DB

MongoDB compatible database with the option for replicate in different geo locations How to enable multiple geo locations

Message Queues

Storage queues vs Service Bus queues

Traffic routing / Load Balancing

Which service is best for you

Azure Front Door

You need to have at least 2 backends in 2 different regions.